Since the 2012/2013 season the Prague Philharmonic Choir has been organizing its own Choral Academy. This project offers study programmes spread alternatively over periods of one or two years, targeting the 16 – 26 age group of secondary-school and undergraduate students of singing. In the course of study, Academy students pursue their training in close association with the Prague Philharmonic Choir, accumulate experience and practical skills related to work with choral parts centered around the choir´s core repertoire, and make public appearances in a select series of concerts in this country and abroad. Some of the Academy´s graduates have followed up their study by passing auditions for one of the choir´s voice sections, entailing engagement as regular members of the Prague Philharmonic Choir.
  • „I am pleased to note that we will enable voice students to accumulate experience of work as members of a professional choir. I hope that the Academy will contribute in broadening the scope of their own future endeavours on the music scene, and am looking forward to the Prague Philharmonic Choir´s spotting in their midst new talent ready to augment its ranks.”“

  • „Personally, I warmly welcome this new edition of the PPC´s Choral Academy, wishing its participants to continue to benefit by its framework in finding empathy and friendly relations with their senior colleagues who are willing to assist them in surmounting the obstacles posed by choral parts. Moreover, this coming season entails the promise of some truly beautiful work on such awesome works as Verdi´s Requiem, Honneger´s A Christmas Cantata, Martinů´s Kytice and Field Mass, or Mahler´s Symphony No. 3. May you find in the feeling after each concert of work well done a lasting reward for your endeavours.”“

  • „I wish all fine young singers would get the chance to test their skills in pursuit of soloist careers, but we all know that in real life things work out differently. For its part, the Choral Academy offers a brilliant chance to learn something new which will by no means ever get lost on any professional singer throughout their subsequent development.“

  • „During my yearlong work with the Prague Philharmonic Choir´s Academy, I have obtained a distinct positive vision of how a professional ensemble active in this particular field should ideally function. The preparatory stages of its projects are immaculately well organized: I learned a wealth of new repertoire with beautiful music, and I have made new friendships. All here work in unison, which is fine, something I believe this to be an indispensable prerequisite of smooth teamwork in an ensemble of such top-notch standard. Mr Vasilek, the principal choirmaster, is the quintessential professional who goes about matters of work with the utmost precision while at the same time being accessible in human terms, which is instrumental in generating a pleasant atmosphere during rehearsals.“