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16. 9.

Prague – Pražský hrad
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Antonín Dvořák: Saint Ludmila, Op. 71, B. 144

This year’s performance of Dvořák’s oratorio, Saint Ludmila, at St Vitus’s Cathedral will be an indispensable part of the commemoration of the 1,100th anniversary of Ludmila’s death on 15 September 921, when she was murdered at Tetín Castle. Ludmila and her grandson, Saint Wenceslas, are two of the most important Czech saints. Saint Ludmila was the wife of Bořivoj, Duke of Bohemia, and she played a key role in the conversion of the Přemyslid dynasty to Christianity. In the monumental oratorio, Dvořák and his librettist Jaroslav Vrchlický depict the destruction of pagan idols, the marriage of Ludmila to the first historically documented Přemyslid ruler, and the sacrament of baptism performed on them in Velehrad by Bishop Methodius. The Czech Philharmonic will join forces with the Prague Philharmonic Choir at St Vitus’s Cathedral, bringing together the top ensembles in the world of Czech music as a contribution to the dignified veneration of St Ludmila, for whom Mass will also be celebrated that afternoon, by Cardinal Dominik Duka at St George’s Basilica. The concert is a part of a week-long celebration, which culminates at Tetín. And one could scarcely imagine these celebrations without a performance of the most important work for vocal forces and orchestra devoted to this subject matter.


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    16. 9.



    Pražský hrad


  • Pražský hrad

    Prague, Czechia

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